Monday, January 10, 2011

Blood Gas Analyzers for Medical Laboratories

Blood gas analyzers are mainly used to carry out different kinds of blood tests including the analysis of blood gases.

Blood gas analyzers keep the blood sample temperature constant and ensure precise research results within in a short span of time.

Easy to Measure a Wide Range of Parameters

In medical laboratories, blood gas analyzers are used to obtain calculated parameters such as standard or actual bicarbonate (HCO3), base excess of blood [BE(B)], base excess in vivo or in vitro (BEvv or BEvt) and estimated oxygen content (O2 CT) in blood. They can be also used to calculate values for temperature corrected pH, PCO2 and O2, temperature corrected respiratory index, temperature corrected arterial-alveolar oxygen tension ratio, temperature corrected alveolar and arterial oxygen tension difference.

Established manufacturers like Radiometer, Bayer Diagnostics (Siemens) offer quality models of blood gas analyzers to suit the diverse application requirements of medical laboratories. The popular models offered include Bayer 865 blood gas analyzer, Bayer 845, ABL 520, ABL 720, and more.

Designed with Convenient Features

Besides brand new models, medical labs can also go in for recertified models of blood gas analyzers. Medical laboratories can choose appropriate models based on their budgets. To ensure consistent performance, blood gas analyzers come with highly advanced features. Some of the important functionalities of the Bayer 845 model analyzer include:

  • Automatic sample entry and delivery

  • Quality control tracking

  • On-board roll printer with paper take-up spool

  • Archive and backup capabilities

  • Patient reference ranges

  • Automatic calibration at intervals as per your desire

  • Waste system designed for bio-safety

  • Automatic reagent-path cleaning cycle

Get Blood Gas Analyzers at Affordable Prices

Quality blood gas analyzers are a real asset for medical laboratories as they enable them to perform diverse applications with increased efficiency. To purchase these analyzers at an affordable price, it is necessary to choose established lab equipment distributors. Apart from branded products, reputable dealers also offer reliable service contracts, exceptional post-sales support and safe transportation options to laboratories the world over.


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