Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Common Lab Equipment and Its Uses

Medical and scientific research laboratories require a range of quality apparatus to perform routine diagnostic applications. Laboratories have to buy the required laboratory equipment based on their application requirements. The devices one can find in various lab facilities would differ according to the particular field of research and application requirements. This article provides information about some of the common lab equipment required for the efficient functioning of research facilities and its uses.

Range of Laboratory Apparatus for Various Research Applications

Most general purpose laboratories would have equipment common to all, whereas specialized research laboratories require certain specific lab equipment. To perform diagnostic applications with accuracy most fully functional scientific and medical research facilities should maintain branded medical equipment in the categories of cooling equipment, liquid handling equipment and systems, sterilization appliances, and more. Let us look at some of the commonly used lab equipment:

Microscopes: Premium models of microscopes are essential to perform routine diagnostic applications in hematology, microbiology, cytology, and pathology labs. These appliances allow the researchers to view specimens that are too small and cannot be easily detected by the human eye.

Analyzers: Medical laboratory equipment such as hematology analyzers, blood gas analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, and coagulation analyzers are important for hospitals and medical laboratories. They help to carry out different tests on blood samples as well as analysis of various clotting assays, and more with accuracy.

Cooling equipment: Cooling devices including water bath, refrigerators, and freezers are required to maintain different laboratory samples at a steady temperature. These devices ensure extreme safety, ideal operating temperatures, dielectric potency, and even more.

Liquid handling equipment and systems: Shakers, pipettes, stirrers, mixers, rotators and disruptors contribute largely towards the successful functioning of all research facilities. These devices help to perform evaluation of various materials and sample analysis, and obtain high precision outputs. Medical laboratories can opt for both manual and automatic liquid handling systems. Automatic liquid handling devices are widely used in the fields of genomic analysis, drug research and discovery, and screening of assays.

Balances and scales: Balances and scales are useful devices to determine the mass of different objects and samples. These devices are available in major sub categories such as portable balances, precision, mechanical and analytical balances.

Centrifuges: These are required to separate substances of greater and lesser density. They work on sedimentation principle and are obtainable in various types, differing in size and sample capacities.

Sterilization devices: Steam sterilization of research tools and consumables is important to avoid critical infections. Autoclaves are an affordable and convenient option for researchers to meet these sterilization requirements.

Apart from these, lab equipment such as flow cytometers, gamma counters, hotplates, microbiological systems, spectrophotometers, differential counters, urinalysis analyzers and many other devices are essential for various medical, clinical and scientific research facilities. Laboratory accessories including reagent strips, controls, blood gas reagents, consumables, stands, water bath clamp, stoppers and other such tools would help to perform research activities promptly and without delay.

Select a Reputable Supplier

Healthcare and scientific research laboratories looking to purchase branded lab equipment should ideally select established laboratory equipment suppliers. Browsing their online stores would help you choose the right devices after comparing the brands, features, technological specifications, prices and warranty options. Making deals with a reputable CCR certified medical laboratory equipment dealer would help you obtain quality products at affordable prices, as well as excellent post-sales support and safe product shipment options.

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